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Children's Podiatry

Children's feet differ from those of adults, as they are not yet fully formed. At 6 months of age the foot is still mostly cartilage, in fact the last bone doesn't begin until children are about 3 years old before maturing at 18 years of age.  Listed below are common children foot conditions which our podiatrists see and treat on a regular basis.

  • Paediatric Flat Feet

  • In-toe/Out-toe Walking

  • Toe Walking

  • Heel Pain/Severs Disease

  • Sprained Ankle

  • Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome/Shin Splints

  • Ingrown Toenails

  • Plantar Warts/Verrucae

  • Footwear Advice

Please contact our clinic and make an appointment with our experienced podiatrist if you are concerned about your child's feet or if they are complaining of pain in their feet, ankles or legs. We also treat all skin or abnormalities in children's feet.


We have an evidence based focus on improving the development of your child’s feet and can provide advice and education which will assist you in monitoring development and assess whether they require treatment.

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