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Diabetes Assessments and Education

As recommended by Diabetes Australia, we carry out comprehensive diabetes foot assessments annually (or more regularly for those who are at high risk). These results can assist in preventing serious diabetes related foot complications. Some of the assessments performed in the consultation include:

  • A Doppler ultrasound which assesses the blood flow (circulation) to your feet.

  • Neurological tests which assess your sensation, reflexes and proprioception in your feet.

  • Irregular foot shape ie. bunion, claw/hammer toes which may lead to high pressure areas and possible skin breakdown.

  • Toenail shape and cutting technique.

  • Assess your skin for excessive dryness, callous, corns, cracks or infections and provide treatment

  • Joint mobility

  • Footwear assessment to ensure fit is correct and will not cause skin breakdown.

Your podiatrist will provide advice on several factors relating to your foot health and the results of these assessments will be explained. This is to ensure diabetes foot complications such as infection, ulceration or amputation are prevented.

Please contact our clinic for more information regarding diabetes or if you would like to make an appointment for an assessment.

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